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Corporate Wellbeing Therapies

We deliver a wide range of professional office-based wellbeing therapies to staff throughout. Use as part of an employee weekly/monthly well-being programme or as a one-off initiative, a staff event or private client functions on-site massage and therapies to motive staff and increase productivity: –

  • Reduce stress in the workplace
  • Improves health & wellness
  • Increases performance and efficiency
  • Increased employee moral benefits
  • Staff Incentives
  • A happier workplace – staff look forward to having relaxing wellbeing therapies carried out

Gift Vouchers as Employee Rewards

The Holistic Home can provide Gift Vouchers for therapies as part of an Employee Reward Scheme. Please ask for more details tax incentives available.

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office based wellbeing therapies

Staff Benefits

A great way to increase staff morale, retain staff and increase performance levels!

If you are an employer and would like to take advantage of corporate wellbeing & corporate discount then drop us a line via our website contact page to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help you!

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Staff Benefits