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About Wendy / The Owner

Wendy had many years of working long hours in London in the corporate world, the payback being that she lived with lots of stress, not having enough time to have a healthy lifestyle which then led to a skin condition and an auto- immune disorder.

She began to recognize that things needed to change and embarked on the radical decision to move to the Kent Coast. Once settled, she realized she was not alone and that many of us get caught up in work and life hussle and do not allow enough time to relax and look after their well being. So, with this in mind she started to reinvent herself and hence created The Holistic Home. Wendy & her team help her clients see that their well being is key.

Initially she wanted to improve her own lifestyle, health and well being. Wendy educated herself on self care and recognized that a lot of products were full of nasty chemical and toxins. The Holistic Home services are all about taking their clients out of their busy stressful worlds and helping them drift of into an oasis of relaxation and tranquility  to help them relax, unwind, destress and help look after their mental health.

The Holistic Home is much more than being just about beauty, it really is about wellbeing. Wendy wanted to create a little haven where clients could come and relax, unwind, de-stress with therapies, organic and natural products. She wanted clients to learn about the natural products and see for themselves how they can impact on skincare, health and wellbeing. After all 60-90% of what we put onto our bodies is absorbed into our immune system so why not use natural organic or vegan products to enhance your body and health.

The Holistic Home is a place to treat the whole client. Wendy has learnt through her own experiences that life can be very stressful and that is what makes The Holistic Home so special because we recognize how easily we can fail and neglect to look after ourselves properly. It would be our privilege to facilitate you on a wonderful wellbeing journey, and let you step out of your busy stressful world into an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation. After all, who is more important in your life than YOU!

Wendy Flanagan
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Why Neal’s Yard Remedies & Spa Find

We are all about improving our lifestyle, health and wellbeing by decreasing our stress levels. We do not use just any old products full of chemicals and nasty toxins in our therapies. We made the decision to use Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products which are totally organic, natural, animal cruelty free, ethical, recyclable, made in the UK.  Many of these are also vegan.

Spa Find – there are 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea.  These are used in the Spa Find Products. These minerals are absorbed faster topically than by digestion.  This process takes 20 minutes and minerals remain active in the bloodstream up to 6 hours.  The 7 main Spa Find minerals are:- Magnesium (anti-stress), Sulphur (healing), Potassium (purifying), Calcium (anti-aging), Bromide (relaxing) Iodine (detoxifying) and Sodium (hydrating).

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Neal's Yard Remedies
Neal's Yard Remedies
Neal's Yard Remedies

Benefits of a Holistic Facial Treatment

  • Natural products provides nourishment to the skin enhanced by massage

  • Helps softens wrinkles and expression lines
  • Promotes a relaxed confident expression and radiant appearance
  • Circulatory tonic, promotes lymphatic draining, detoxifies
  • Helps relieves stress and depression, promotes relaxation and wellbeing
  • Helps soothes inflamed and sensitive skin
  • Skin tone improves and is more translucent in appearance.
  • Improves skin suppleness and lustre
  • Aids the removal of dead cells and promote cell regeneration
  • Helps promotes balance of sebum production
  • Can reduces puffiness around eyes
  • Releases muscle tension
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